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Shriram Smriti Upvan Palanpur.

Herbal Park in the memory of our Patron Saint Shriram Sharma Acharya was opened today to public in Palanur campus by honorable Dr.Chinmay Pandya. On the occasion he said that today people are growing apart from nature and because of which they are getting exposed to various physical and mental ailments. This Shriram Memorial Park (Shriram Smriti Upavana) is a symbol of Acharya inspiration to us and has been envisioned and implemented in order to re-educate masses on the benefits of nature. This Park is also a real tribute to Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma on her birth anniversary from whole of Gayatri Pariwar. While elaborating on the benefits of Herbal Park he highlighted use of beneficial medicinal plants associated with Zodiac, planets and constellations in curing various ailments. Consequently 1000 such memorial parks have been planned to be developed all across India and abroad. While elaborating on benefits on Accupressure path laid in the Park he said that a mere half an hour walk on this track is sufficient to harness energy that is required for the whole day. Arrangements have been made in the park to make available natural juices that can cure ailments; most significantly the juices made from sprouted Jowar.

Dr. Pandya’s address was preceded by inauguration of Shriram memorial park by AWGP chief Shailbala Pandya. Dozens of fountain and Gangotri fall came to life with the inauguration mesmerizing the people with their beauty. After inauguration of the park, the Mata Bhagwati Devi Natural diet center was inaugurated by Dr. Pranav Pandya by taking a sip of Jowari juice prepared at the center. There after he inaugurated Constellation Park, three special Triveni and meditation center. In the last phase of the ceremony he fed seeds to the birds.


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